5 Ways to Activate the Sacral Chakra to Dissolve Fear & Anxiety

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“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”
– Marie Curie

Everyone lives with fear from time to time and it arises in
various forms. Often it manifests as a lack of confidence and
the kind of self-doubt that can stop you from living your full

These feelings are symptoms of a sacral chakra

Woman on deck with Sacral Chakra ActivatedAll fears stem from a
moment in your past when you formulated a belief about an
event and adopted a behavior surrounding that, which continues
to triggers a response. Maintaining this reaction or thought
pattern and repeating the same kinds of behavior creates a
destructive cycle which jeopardizes any chance you have of
future success. These fears may have evolved over time, yet
they still preventing you from thriving.

A second chakra blockage, or imbalance, is also
intimately connected to your sexuality.

This will often manifest as a difficulty opening up, being
vulnerable with other people and expressing yourself sexually
and creatively. By identifying your fears you can make a
conscious decision to confront them and set yourself free.

The sacral chakra is where to begin.

Activate The Sacral Chakra To Reduce Fear

Sacral (Svadhisthana) ChakraThe sacral
or navel chakra (Sanskrit name Svadhisthana) sits
in the lower abdomen to navel area of your body, and is
often regarded as the “second chakra”. Its color is orange, (in
fact, this chakra is also known as the “orange chakra” – so
many labels!) so using this joyful tone for healing will help
to strengthen your relationships, enhance intimacy with
your loved one and reconnect to your own unique sexuality. So
when the function of your second chakra is healed, your
creativity will be reinvigorated, as will your fertility. This
work also helps you to accept change,  ‘let go’ and be
open to abundance on all levels.

This chakra also works on
the lungs, kidneys, sexual
organs, pelvis, lowerback, reproductive organs, urinary system, bladder, spleen, colon,
small intestine, immune system, ovaries, and testicles.

Signs of a sacral chakra imbalance or blockage can include:

Impotency, fearing pleasure, obsessive attachments, un healthy
boundaries, and infertility.

There are several ways to stimulate and rebalance this center

1. Use Vibrational Remedies:

Australian bush flowers such as the Turkey Bush, She
Oak, Bush Gardenia, Wisteria and Flannel Flower will help to
rebalance the second chakra energy, ultimately helping you
release fear of your own self-worth, improving your intimate
relationships with others

More info on how flower essences can be used to restore the
chakras can be found in this video.

Organic essential oils such as bergamot, orange, and
ylang-ylang are also perfect for strengthening self-worth and
they can be diffused in an oil burner or vaporiser which is
then sprayed into the aura; or gently rubbed onto trigger
points on the skin.

2. Use Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind
and encourage you to believe certain things about yourself or
about the world around you. They are extremely beneficial in
helping you create the reality that you desire, affecting and
will influence your overall happiness.

Simply stating a positive affirmation about your self-worth
will significantly reduce any beliefs that you may be holding
about yourself not being deserving, which will ultimately
transform any fear you have about putting yourself first. A
selection of powerful affirmations are available in the
meditation below.

3. Use Sound Frequencies:

Certain sound vibrations resonate with the chakras and are
incredibly powerful for clearing blockages and creating
balance. Among the most popular are the use of mantras and


The Seven Sacred Vowels are considered extremely holy in many
traditions including ancient Egyptians, Tibetan, Japanese and
Native American.

The vowel for sacral chakra activation is Ooo.

Bija Mantras

Another potent method of resonating the chakras is to use the
Bija Mantras. These were developed from Sanskrit letters within
the Vedic traditions, and are said to balance and align the

The Bija Mantra which resonates with the root chakra is

Another aspect of sonic chakra system resonance has to do with
the actual frequency or keynote of each chakra.

Keynote D is believed to be in natural resonance
with the sacral chakra. It has a frequency of 288 Hz.

4. Use Crystals:

Listed below are a selection of healing stones that are
commonly used to open, balance and heal the sacral chakra.

  • Orange Carnelian – Red/orange –
    Restores strength and vitality, stimulates the metabolism and
    overcomes negative energy and conditioning.
  • Calcite – Orange/yellow – Balances the
    emotions, removes fear and heals the reproductive system.
  • Citrine – Yellow/gold – Raises
    self-esteem and self-confidence, activates creativity and
    promotes joy.
  • Goldstone – Gold/brown – Helps you to
    achieve your goals and renews energy.

How To Use Chakra Healing Crystals

Each crystal holds a unique vibration so it’s extremely
important to know how to use the correct stone with the
affected chakra. Cleansed and charged healing crystals are most
effective when you place them near to the location of the
imbalanced chakra which is in need of healing. They are often
worn as jewelry or positioned over the affected chakra.

For second chakra healing, try tying a crystal loosely around
your waist. You could also place them in various locations
around your home in your bed as you sleep.

Watch our beginners video guide to chakra activation with
crystals here.

5. Use Meditation – Orange Sacral Chakra
(Svadhisthana) Guided Meditation

This powerful meditation uses color therapy, Earth energy and
visualization to help you reconnect to your emotional, creative
and sexual self. First, read through this a couple of times so
you’re familiar with what to do.

  • Choose a comfortable space in your home where you won’t be
    disturbed for the next 15 minutes and sitting upright, just
    relax, close your eyes and begin by concentrating on your
  • Slowly, breathe in deeply to the count of 5,
    allowing your belly to expand, followed by your chest so your
    lungs are full of air. Hold for another 5 seconds and
    finally slowly breathe out for about 7 seconds until
    your lungs are completely empty.
  • Repeat the process several times to deepen your relaxation
    but this time when you breathe in imagine that you are
    inhaling peace as a vibrant white light and exhaling any form
    of tension or anxiety as a dark cloud.
  • Observe the weight of your body either in the chair or on
    the floor, and feel how the good earth is supporting you from
    below. If any thoughts or feelings come in, simply observe
    without judgement, and let them pass.
  • Now imagine a beautiful golden light, like sunshine,
    beaming down through the top of your head. Allow this warming
    light to flood down throughout your entire being, through the
    face, neck and shoulders, arms and hands, chest and stomach,
    hips and thighs, knees and calves, ankles and feet and finally
    the toes, filling your entire being.
  • Allow the light to dissolve any areas of tension that you
    notice are stored at various points of the body as it beams
    through. Allow this area to relax to its highest capacity at
    this moment. Move onto the next area until you reach your toes.
  • Now imagine energetic roots growing down from your feet
    into the ground beneath you, connecting you to Mother
  • See these roots penetrate deep into the ground, further and
    further into the earth until they reach the center and
    connect to a vivid orange light which travels up these roots
    until it reaches your naval and lower back,
    the location of your sacral chakra.
  • As you continue to breathe in, imagine this orange
    light intensifying in color and gaining power and momentum in a
    circular, clockwise motion. 
    The light glows brightly
    like a burning flame.
  • Observe any sensations that you are holding in your second
    chakra. It may feel warm or cold, numb or tingly or even
    painful. Consciously choose to release these sensations as you
    breathe golden light into this area. Imagine them dissolving
    and disappearing, allowing your orange light to shine even more
  • Try not to analyze whatever you are consciously releasing.
    Simply set the intention to let go of all that no longer serves
    your highest good.
  • Continue to breathe in golden light and imagine the orange
    light expanding in all directions as far as you feel
  • Now repeat the following affirmations…

I use my creativity to express my individuality.
I experience a fair and equal exchange of energy and love
in all of my relationships.

I am passionate and outgoing.
I am liberated and able to express my emotions without
being overbearing.

I express my emotions and sexuality in a healthy way
without fear of rejection.

I confidently make my own decisions.
I connect with my true sensual desires.
It is okay to take time for myself.

  • Notice how you are feeling now. Sit with that for a few
    moments before starting to become more aware of the weight of
    the body in your chair or on the floor.
  • In your own time, count up from 5 to 1 and begin to become
    more aware of your surroundings and when you open your eyes,
    trust that you are feeling better than before with a renewed
    sense of energy and vitality.
  • Have a stretch to welcome back in the day…

Other Sacral Chakra Healing Methods

Yoga. There are many yoga practices that
focus on strengthening and healing the second chakra. Kundalini
yoga is especially effective, but needs to be taught by
an expret – seek out a teacher in your area, or
search for a video online.

Food. The everyday foods we eat all have
energetic properties, and choosing the right ones can really
heal a chakra that is suffering from an imbalance. Food such as
oranges, squash and maca root can be incredibly activating and
even aphrodisiacs! Read
this piece about sacral chakra healing food.  

Continue Your Chakra Healing Journey…

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What three empowering steps you will take today to prioritize
your own needs and give your self-confidence a boost!

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